nextgen schedule.

The Fellowship year runs from May to March.

The year includes four weekend events, one week-long seminar in Ottawa, and monthly Zoom Connects.

Fellows also arrange to meet once a month with their mentors via phone, Zoom, or in person.

2022-2023 Schedule

Locations and topics will be announced soon.

By May 16, Applicants will be notified regarding admission into the program.

May 26 - Welcome and Introduction

June 16 - Zoom Connect (7pm-9pm EST)

June 30-July 2 - NextGEN Weekend 1 (Topic: Vocation, Leadership and Flourishing. Location: Ottawa, Ontario)

August 11 - Zoom Connect (7pm-9pm EST)

September 18-24 - NextGEN Seminar (Topic: A Biblical Vision for Culture, Government, and Public Life. Location: Ottawa, ON)

October 20 - Zoom Connect (7pm-9pm EST)

November 4-5 - NextGEN Weekend 2 (Topic: Christian Strategies for Culture Change. Location: Calgary, AB

December 1 - Zoom Connect (7pm-9pm EST)

January 20-21 - NextGEN Weekend 3 (Topic: TBA. Location: Vancouver, BC)

February 16 - Zoom Connect (7pm-9pm EST)

March 17-18 - NextGEN Weekend 4 (Topic: Looking Forward: An Agenda for the Next Generation. Location: Halifax, NS)

Any questions? Don't hesitate to reach out to the NextGEN Program Directors.

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